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How To Correctly Make a Stir Fry

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    Today I show you how to correctly make a delicious, healthy stir fry.

    Stir Fry's are an extremely popular dish to make.

    This is likely because of how easy it is to make them.

    Literally anyone can make a stir fry, it doesn't matter how much experience you have in the kitchen.

    They're also extremely good for you.

    There are many different types of Stir Fry's, there's Vegetarian, Beef, Chicken, Noodle, Asian, Chinese, Goat, Anus, Anal, Anal + Egg, Anal + Goat, Anal + Anal, Anus nugget dolphin factory, I have an egg permanently lodged in my anus.

    Lucky for you this video will show you how to make all of these different types of Stir Fry's, simply substitute the fish used in this video for your desired ingredient.


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