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Boom Boom Soccer - Trailer - Google Play

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    - Manage your squad by training your players and building your Boom Boom team!
    - Over 400 football player cards to collect from all the best footballing nations.
    - 8 card classes to play with including All Star, Superstar, Champion and Legend.
    - Create your winning team from a unique cast of characters.


    - Test your football skills - swipe the screen to shoot, score quality goals and make match-winning saves.
    - Boost your players to make that an attacking pass on goal.
    - Train your team to intercept the ball and win the midfield battle.
    - Send your players down the field with a well-timed pass for a chance to shoot and make it count at the net.
    - Hone your skills, be a hero and own the moment to make a difference in every single game!


    - High intensity battles on the pitch set the stage for every Boom Boom moment!
    - Match your team with the opposition and play the best strategy to win the player on player battles.
    - Ride your success with stylish Boom Boom goal celebrations! The crowd goes wild!
    - Go for the Big Win!

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