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Yamaha YZF R1 2015 - 2016 Full Titanium Akrapovic system Open Sound

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    Yamaha YZF R1 2015 - 2016 Full Titanium Akrapovic system Open Sound.

    At the centennial EICMA motorcycle show, Yamaha officially unveiled a new generation of R1.[12] Yamaha claims a wet weight of 199 kg (439 lb)[13] The new bike has an electronics package that includes a sophisticated traction and slide control, a progressively-tapering antiwheelie system, linked antilock brakes, launch control, a quickshifter, and selectable power modes.[citation needed] Information is fed to the bike through a six-axis gyro (Inertial measurement unit) and other sensors over 100 times a second.[citation needed] Power delivery is tapered through both retarded ignition and fuel cuts.[citation needed] Engine changes include shortened bore-to-stroke ratio, larger airbox, a finger-follower valve system, and for the first time on a registerable bike, fracture split titanium conrods.

    Chassis dimensions remain identical to the previous generation with the exception of a shorter wheelbase and swingarm.[citation needed] It comes standard with magnesium wheels.

    Information is presented to the rider through a user-customizable thin-film display.[citation needed]

    A second higher-spec, limited production model will also be produced called the R1M, and will be differentiated from the standard model by having more expensive components such as electronic semi-active Öhlins suspension, carbon fibre bodywork, an aluminium fuel tank, various magnesium components, and stickier Bridgestone tires.

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